Hooray – Chilfest may be returning after all!

Good news: Chilfest may be returning after all
Good news: Chilfest may be returning after all

There may be another Chilfest music festival in Tring after all, its organisers have said, despite ruling it out only last week.

The three-day entertainment extravaganza began on Friday, July 4 – but the day after it ended project director Steve Butcher wrote on Facebook that it would not return.

This year’s event was one day longer than last year’s and had music from the likes of Sir Bob Geldof and Jason Donovan. Chirpy TV personality Keith Chegwin was the compere.

But neither of the Chilfests came close to breaking even – and the 2014 one cost more than £425,000 to stage. Crestfallen festival-goers who were shocked that it may not return can now be relieved that it may return after all – if businesses can be found to sponsor it.

Writing on the festival’s Facebook page yesterday, Mr Butcher said: “Thanks to all of you for your amazing comments over the last few days.

“We have been absolutely chuffed by each and every post, and its fantastic to see the love that Chilfest has created.

“It has made me rethink the potential for a Chilfest 2015 – but the cost of staging such an event may surprise you.

“To put it all into context, Chilfest cost in excess of £425K to stage this year, and over the last two years we have not come even close to breaking even.

“99.9% of all people involved with Chilfest are industry professionals. This unfortunately is not an event that can be run by volunteers.

“The main criteria for Chilfest to survive would be sponsorship. We will actively look at sponsorship over the next three to four months and maybe Chilfest will return in 2015.


More than 700 people have ‘liked’ the Facebook post.