Home-grown Hemel talent will feature in Grovehill movie director’s flick

Grovehill film director Patrick Moorhouse.
Grovehill film director Patrick Moorhouse.
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A movie director will be filming his latest flick in Hemel Hempstead – and it will star people from the town, too.

Former Royal Navy Captain Patrick Moorhouse drew on his own military background to write Two Very Long Days.

It’s all about a Royal Marine who is due to give evidence against a British soldier seen executing a prisoner while serving in Afghanistan.

But first he must dodge a hitman who has been hired by the family of the accused soldier.

Parts of the movie, which will be retired Patrick’s first feature film, will be shot in Grovehill where the movie director lives along with the town’s railway station, Marlowes and the Royal British Legion’s base in Queensway.

Patrick, who has played many minor parts in films and television series such as War Horse and Midsummer Murders, said: “You never know, we might even make some money in the end.

“We hope it will promote Hemel Hempstead as an ideal place for filming.”

Shooting will run from October to January and the finished film is due to be shown at London’s British Film Institute.