Herts’ crime czar supports call for more power to PCCs

Crime commissioner David Lloyd.
Crime commissioner David Lloyd.

A government think tank report which calls for more powers for police and crime commissioners has been backed by Hertfordshire’s crime czar David Lloyd.

The Policy Exchange ‘Power Down’ report, published last week, suggests PCCs should be given the power to hire and fire prison governors and probation chiefs, as well as carry out prison and police force inspections. The move would mean cheaper and more effective justice, according to the think tank.

Mr Lloyd said: “I have been pressing from the start to see swift action on existing commitments to further devolve power and control to commissioners and many of the ideas in this report provide interesting, fresh contributions to the debate.

“What the report says, and what I think is right is that to give the full overview of criminal justice, you need to have powers over other areas rather than just being, effectively, the chairman of the constabulary.

“It would be good if things like probation were in the view of the PCC, because getting that right is also important in reducing crime.”

The think tank, which originally came up with the PCC scheme, also proposes a pilot scheme involving 10 commissioners, which David Lloyd said he would be keen to take part in. Involvement in the scheme would attract no extra pay.

Mr Lloyd said: “This is the think tank stage, I’m sure before we did anything there would be a lot more consultation taking place. I would be very interested in taking part in the pilot but we are not at formal policy stage yet. I think they are looking at it and saying it was a good idea, let’s make it even better.”