Herts County Council’s 20-year plan aims to improve transport in Berkhamsted, Northchurch and Tring


More than 40 schemes have been highlighted to make it easier for people to get around in three areas of Dacorum.

They were drawn up in the Tring, Northchurch and Berkhamsted Urban Transport Plan – which was recently endorsed by Herts County Council after a public consultation earlier this year.

It was added to the 20-year transport plan after multiple requests from people who live in the narrow, bendy road – where many crashes have been reported in the past.

But the scheme will not be implemented until yet another consultation has taken place.

Other popular schemes include making the Miswell Lane route to Tring’s Goldfield School safer, and improving the junction between Durrants Lane and the High Street in Northchurch.

To view the full list of schemes, visit www.berkhamstedtowncouncil.gov.uk, click here and go to pages 21 and 22