Hertfordshire’s crackdown on tenancy fraudsters


A countywide crackdown on tenancy fraud has begun, thanks to a partnership between Aldwyck Housing Group, Herts County Council and the Shared Anti-Fraud Service (SAFS).

Tenancy fraud is when someone sublets their council house, leaves their council home empty, provides false or misleading information on a ‘Right to Buy’ application or provides false or misleading information to get a council house.

Hertfordshire has the second-highest number of households in temporary 
accomodation in the south east of England - and it costs ousing associations or 
councils £18,000 to reclaim a home.

Tony Campbell, head of housing at Aldwyck Housing Group, said: “Tenancy fraud is not a victimless crime, the repercussions of somebody falsely claiming the right to live in one of our properties leaves the most vulnerable without a secure home to live in.”

If you think you’ve spotted somebody committing tenancy fraud then contact the Hertfordshire Shared Anti Fraud Service on 0300 123 403.