Heritage: Trust wants your Bury End memories

Bury Road School pupils
Bury Road School pupils

The Dacorum Heritage Trust is appealing for help to learn more about Bury End Mill School in Hemel Hempstead.

The trust was sent these photographs of pupils from the school by Derek Townsend of Tring.

The trust does not have much information in its records about the school and is hoping you can help with some more details.

It is eager to hear from anyone who has memories of the school or knows anyone pictured in either of the photographs.

Other details the trust is looking for about the school include where it was situated and when it opened.

They are also seeking information on whether it had a playground, what the uniform was, whether it had a school badge and whether the children had lunch there.

Any details on staff who worked there, the ages it catered for, what the classroooms were like and what subjects were taught would also be welcomed.

The reasons behind the school’s closure in 1964 are also unknown and the trust is keen to know more about why it shut.

The top photo is of pupils from Bury End Mill School in 1936.

The trust is also keen to hear from anyone who recognises the teacher in the photograph.

The bottom photo is of pupils from what is called “Bury Road School.”

It is assumed this is the same school but any clarification would be welcomed.

If you are able to help with answering any of the questions above or have any memories of the school contact the Gazette.

You can phone us on 01296 619778 or e-mail thegazette@jpress.co.uk

Some recollections of life at the school have already been shared on the Herts Memories website.

Former teacher Derek Jarrett appears to have answered one of the questions posed by the trust on the site.

The trust wanted to know if the children had lunch there.

Derek writes: “I was happy to be on playground duty every day and to take the children down to South Hill School for lunch because Bury Mill End had no such facilities.

“I started as a very nervous teacher but soon came to love the job.

“The memories of Bury Mill End are among my happiest and it was one of my saddest moments in education when I left Bury Mill End and moved on to another Hemel Hempstead school in 1959.”