Hemel’s Top of the World pub ban on EDL meeting is welcomed by opponents

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A Hemel Hempstead pub has banned the controversial English Defence League from holding a meeting there.

The EDL was planning to meet at the Top of the World, in Warners End Road, last night.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson had used the social network Twitter to tell supporters that she should gather at the pub at 8pm. The tweet added that “collecting coach money for Birmingham demo” would be on the agenda.

But a social media campaign was quickly mobilised by opponents of the controversial organisation to persuade the pub, a part of the Sizzling Pubs brand owned by Mitchells & Butler, not to host the meeting.

Yesterday afternoon the pub confirmed to the Gazette that EDL members would not be welcome.

A statement issued by the company on behalf of the pub read: “We were unaware the booking for June 25 had been made on behalf of the EDL.

“We do not support any political party or group, and have therefore taken the decision to cancel the booking.”

Duncan Cahill, in a post on the Hope Not Hate website that “celebrates Britain’s diverse society”, wrote: “When tipped off by antifascists as to who was behind the booking, the pub’s management have informed the EDL leader that he, and his gang are “not welcome here.”

The pub’s decision was welcomed by some on Twitter.

Eris Robertson tweeted: “Well done Hemel pub Top of The World!”

The EDL later confirmed that the meeting was cancelled “due to unforseen circumstances.”

The organisation, which claims it is non racist, non violent and no longer silent, held a march in Hemel Hempstead town centre on June 1 to mark the murder of soldier Lee Rigby. Local police praised the community for its patience and tolerance.