Hemel’s bollard man makes it into TV countdown of web fails

Policeman helps pull man out of traffic bollard.
Policeman helps pull man out of traffic bollard.

Hemel Hempstead’s ‘bollard man’ made it into a list of top 50 web fails on the Channel 4 show Rude Tube, which takes viewers on a countdown of the web’s most popular video clips.

Sunday’s programme - Rude Tube: World of Fail - featured ‘the most gigantic fails on the worldwide web’ according to presenter Alex Zane.

Coming in at number 23 was Ricky Aldridge’s stunt, which saw him filmed while trapped inside a ‘keep left’ traffic bollard in Hemel Hempstead’s town centre.

He told the show: “I was wondering what was going on around me. I couldn’t see anything and everything was kind of muffled so I was wondering what people’s reactions were going to be.”

Eventually a police officer came to Ricky’s aid and helped to free him from the bollard.

Ricky, who featured in the film with pal Sonny Mayo, said: “He just wanted the bollard back afterwards which was fine by us. I had had enough to last a lifetime.”

The prank, captured on video and posted on YouTube in June, attracted 156,000 hits and ‘bollard man’ has even been featured in a Dacorum Borough Council-commissioned graffiti mural on the side of the Volunteer Centre’s Roundhouse in Marlowes.

Ricky told the show that his advice to anyone who finds themselves trapped inside a bollard is: “Keep calm and keep left.”