Hemel Hempstead scouts buckle down for a weekend of action and education

Boxmoor scouts visit Hemel Hempstead Fire Station
Boxmoor scouts visit Hemel Hempstead Fire Station

A bumper weekend of activity for scouts of all ages in Hemel Hempstead included lots of action – and education.

Beaver scouts aged six to eight from 1st Leverstock Green went undercover on Friday night and Saturday playing detective at a sleepover themed on the police.

The super sleuths had their fingerprints taken, solved puzzles, cracked codes and followed clues to discover who had ‘stolen’ one of the leaders bicycles before hot chocolate and a story at bedtime.

30 cubss (aged eight to 10) from 1st Apsley and 1st Gadebridge worked all weekend at Well End campsite near Borehamwood, working towards their home help and chef badges.

Before camp they had been set tasks to do at home, such as keeping their bedrooms tidy.

Once the cubs had settled in, they each made their own pizzas for lunch and baked flapjacks and brownies before planning dinner.

Having chopped vegetables and helped to cook dinner the cubs made individual apple crumbles for pudding. In addition, they learned about food hygiene, decorated chefs hats and practised some outdoor cooking, making chocolate bananas.

Once the cubs had packed their bags, they completed the last tasks towards their home help badge – windows were cleaned, floors were vacuumed and the hut was left spick and span.

The camp warden was delighted, and said the flapjacks were the best he’d tasted!

On Friday evening scouts (aged 10 to 14) from 1st Leverstock Green spent the evening tackling a range of assault course obstacles at Lees Wood, Watford, in preparation for the Green Beret Challenge which takes place mid-November.

Teams will be in a competition against scouts from across the whole of Hertfordshire, testing the physical, intellectual, orienteering and teamwork skills learned during scouting sessions throughout the year.

During the evening they rotated around a series of bases, including the Lees Wood assault course and tunnel system, a timed run carrying a pioneering pole, scrambling over an 8ft high wall, crawling under cargo nets, pulling themselves along a suspended rope and climbing a rope ladder suspended from a tree.

A group of scouts from Kings Langley spent a night camping ‘back-to-basics’-style at Lees Wood, too, building shelters to sleep under and cooking on open fires.

Members of the Scout Network (aged 18-25) were whisked away to the Black Mountains in South Wales on Friday evening to compete in Peak Assault – a hillwalking and orienteering challenge weekend.

Participants spend all day Saturday and Sunday morning navigating the hills searching for checkpoints and race to the finish line so as not to incur penalty points for being late.

Even the adult leaders got in on the action with a training course learning about the values of scouting, ceremonies, traditions and lots of new games to play with the youngsters in their weekly sessions!

Slightly less exhausting, but no less interesting, was the visit by youngsters from the 3rd Boxmoor group to Hemel Hempstead’s fires tation in Queensway.

To join the adventure of scouting in Hemel Hempstead contact District Commissioner Russ Dyble on 07790 296378 or email join@hemel-scouts.co.uk