Helping X Factor reject ends in boos from fans

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A young woman who had hundreds of pounds worth of goods stolen from her by an X Factor contestant has said it has marred her trust in people.

Mischke Weinreb from Berkhamsted has feared for her safety because of the backlash from comments she made in a tabloid newspaper about X Factor hopeful Robbie Hance, who was cautioned for stealing from her.

Fans of the singer sent emails and Facebook messages calling her a liar, upset that she exposed him as a thief.

She said: “I’ve learnt a lesson that sometimes it’s not worth speaking out even if you agree with what you have said.”

A journalist from The Sun newspaper, who discovered that the homeless musician had stolen £1,500 worth of goods, including a laptop, contacted Mischke after the show where Robbie wowed judges with his rendition of Damien Rice’s Coconut Skins.

The 24-year-old said that talking to the newspaper was a kneejerk reaction to the shock of seeing the person who stole from her being praised on television.

She didn’t expect the newspaper to print the story after being told its journalist would call her back. They never did and instead published the story along with her picture taken from her Facebook page.

Mischke met Robbie back in 2008 and they had been friends for eight months when he fell upon hard times she let him stay in her London flat and tried to help him promote himself.

She said: “I shouldn’t have got involved but I really did want to help him because he had such a musical ability but didn’t know how to get anywhere with it.”

Sunday’s show saw Robbie walk out of bootcamp during a group audition after sleeping through the rehearsals and forgetting his lines.