Help raise funds for young torchbearer

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THE parents of a young Olympic torchbearer who suffers with Down’s Syndrome are planning a fundraising event to help pay for equipment to improve his life.

So far scores of companies, individuals and celebrities have donated gifts for an auction and raffle that will help raise money for 12-year-old Jack Gatehouse, who lives in Hemel Hempstead.

Tickets for Shrek The Musical, a golf day at Shendish Manor and an Arsenal Football Club shirt are just a few of the items that will be up for grabs.

Jack’s dad Pete said: “It’s absolutely fantastic how incredibly kind people have been and I must say a big thank you to our friend Claudia Redmond who has been able to get hold of plenty of prizes by getting in touch with a variety of her contacts.”

The event is being called Voice For Jack because Pete and Barbara want to buy their son a talk box, which will help him communicate more effectively.

Their other dream item is a wheelchair that fixes onto a bike so that Jack can go on cycle rides with his family.

Jack will carry the Olympic Torch in Hatfield on Sunday, July 8.

His parents raised £200 so that he could keep the torch as a memento and were inspired to continue their fundraising drive after the positive response they received from members of the public.

Find out more about Jack on his Facebook page Voice for Jack.