Video: Emma talks about conquering Kodak Tower

When she signed up to be part of this year’s Biggest Loser challenge Emma Beattie had two aims – shedding some weight and raising funds for the Northchurch-based Hospice Of St Francis.

She’s making progress on both those scores – but now she has a new mountain to climb.

hospice of st francis biggest loser 23 Emma Beattie

hospice of st francis biggest loser 23 Emma Beattie

Every menber of the Biggest Loser band of brothers and sisters is assigned a personal trainer by Sportspace, which is a big supporter of the cause.

And Emma’s instructor has warned her that there’s a tough test in store when she comes to the end of the challenge to make sure she doesn’t let things slip.

She’ll be expected to run up the staircases of the landmark Kodak Tower, just around the corner from Hemel Hempstead Sportspace where she attends weekly weigh-ins.

And when she does, she will be wearing a rucksack weighed down with the equivalent of what she’s lost - just to drive the message home.

Watch the video to hear about the challenge, what Emma’s got out of the Biggest Loser initiative, and why she’s backing next month’s Midnight Walk, another of the hospice’s big annual fundraisers.