Slimming World success story Emma says fake-aways are better than takeaways

Swapping takeaways for family-friendly ‘fake-aways’ has helped Emma Atkins, 36, shed more than three stone.

And she’s so impressed by the Slimming World programme that helped her along the way that she’s now taken over a group in Hemel Hempstead.

Emma Atkins

Emma Atkins

She piled on the pounds during pregnancy but wanted to get back into shape so that she could play with son Charlie, who was born after emergency surgery, properly.

She decided to join her local Slimming World group under leader Clare Deacon.

She said: “I felt very low and unhappy with the way I looked, and was unable to exercise or even lift things.

“Taking Charlie for check-ups made my lack of confidence worse, seeing other new mothers who seemed to drop the pounds easily.”

“I was brought up in a food-orientated sit down at the table family way and I really want that for my son.”

Emma and her family now grow their own vegetables and her son especially enjoys helping.

“The vegetables taste so much better when you’ve put in the hard work to grow them yourselves,” she says.

“We used to get take aways quite often but now prefer to cook fake-aways and they taste so much nicer.”

She and husband Russel still go out for meals and love a curry, but now they pick from the healthier choices on the menu.

Emma was voted Woman of the Year for her group in 2012 and even went forward to the district finals.

She said: “Being nominated and then winning for my group was just amazing, I was totally overwhelmed by everyone’s support and enthusiasm, it really gave me a boost and has helped build my confidence.”

Emma’s Slimming World group is based at Brockswood School in Woodhall Farm.

She can be contacted via email on, mobile on 07547 987078.

A team of Slimming World consultants who run groups in Hemel Hempstead met comedian and TV presenter Paddy McGuinness at an annual awards ceremony.

The team cuddled up to the Take Me Out host at the Slimming World Awards.

Paddy who shot to fame in Channel 4 comedy Phoenix Nights alongside school friend Peter Kay before becoming a popular stand-up comedian and TV presenter.

Pamela Port, one of the Hemel Hempstead trio, said meeting Paddy at the event was the cherry on the top of a great year for Slimming World groups in the town.

“We’re so proud of all of the slimmers in the area – many of them have achieved their target weights and been able do things they never thought possible before slimming down, including doing more with their families, taking up new hobbies, reducing medication or simply fitting in smaller-sized clothes,” she said.

“As well as seeing stonking success on the scales, we’ve had a lot of fun throughout the year, too – we’ve held parties, raised money for charity and members have cheered each other on with every step of their weight loss journey.

“I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for Slimming World and I’d love anyone who’s thinking about losing weight this January to join us.

“Even if they’ve struggled to stick to slimming plans in the past, I know we can help them to make a change for life this time around.

“We help our members discover new healthy habits and a healthier way of eating that they can enjoy without ever feeling hungry or deprived.”

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