Second stressful trip for disabled in centre

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ANOTHER disabled person has been angered by the rudeness of customers at a busy shopping area.

Jane Gower, of Tresco Road, Berkhamsted, was fuming after she her trip to The Marlowes Centre in Hemel Hempstead on Friday morning.

She said she will not shop there again during the Christmas period after her 78-year-old disabled mother Eileen was prevented from getting into the lift on her mobility scooter.

Miss Gower, whose mother has previously suffered bloodclots in her legs and cannot walk, said: “Noone got out the lift. They just look at us like we were off the planet.

“I think it is absolutely disgraceful. They look at the disabled like they shouldn’t be here. They are just ignorant.”

She said she finds that the public in general in Hemel Hempstead do not give enough consideration to people on mobilitiy scooters or in wheelchairs.

Last week, the family of disabled Jean Dover, 83, from Hemel Hempstead, also complained after they said shoppers were pushing past to use the lift.

Assistant centre director Sam Rogers said: “During the busiest time of year, it is inevitable that more customers will try and use the lifts at the same time. We would encourage all our shoppers to be understanding of the difficulties faced by wheelchair and mobility scooter users, and where possible assist them in getting in and out of our lifts.”

She said the centre has encouraged this with signage.

She added: “Unfortunately we will always be reliant on the thoughtfulness of individual shoppers to ensure everybody has a pleasant shopping experience.”