Air ambulance called after man suffered fall

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AN air ambulance raced to the scene where an elderly man had fallen over.

He had hurt his hip, and an ambulance was called to the scene in Water Lane, Kings Langley, just after 6.20pm yesterday.

An air ambulance was then called and landed in a nearby field just after 8.05pm. But the man was taken to hospital by land ambulance in the end.

East of England Ambulance Service spokesman Lorna Marsh said: “There can be incidents where it looks like the air ambulance might be needed, but on further assessment it turns out that it is not.”

Eye-witness Nigel Pamment took two photos of the chopper.

He said said: “The air ambulance flew past my place quite low and landed in the field opposite.

“Whoever was on the stretcher was there quite a while as I drove past about half an hour before the helicopter arrived and saw an ambulance.”