Headteacher praises Adeyfield pupils who helped teenager after bridge fall

The headteacher of Adeyfield School has praised the actions of quick-thinking pupils who called emergency services when their friend fell from a bridge in Queensway, Hemel Hempstead.

It is thought Year 11 pupil Connor Walpole was walking down from the top of the bridge along some undergrowth but slipped and fell to the ground just before 4pm yesterday afternoon.

The scene in Queensway where a teenager fell from a bridge.

The scene in Queensway where a teenager fell from a bridge.

According to a school friend who was at the scene and called 999, the 15-year-old had blood on his ears and complained of pain in his wrist and back.

The air ambulance was called to the scene, close to the junction with Cattsdell, but the teen’s injuries were not deemed serious enough to fly him to a specialist spinal ward. Instead he was driven by land ambulance to Watford General Hospital with members of his family.

Headteacher Scott Martin has since spoken to Connor’s family, who have revealed he suffered some broken bones, but his injuries are not life-threatening. He will need some time off school for an operation to pin one of the bones.

Mr Martin said: “I am proud of how the other students acted, and the injured student’s family have said how pleased they are that the other students acted so quickly and with maturity and care. I will speak to these students and their parents this morning to pass on our feeling of pride at how they have supported their friend at this time.

“All too often in schools and society we hear negative comments about young people. I believe this shows the true side of the vast majority of young people – they are caring, mature and always willing to help others.

“As a school we are glad that the student is not seriously injured and that he will make a full recovery. Also we can all be proud that Year 11 students in our school act with such maturity and responsibility in a difficult situation.”