Group holds ‘Slow Down Day’ at Berkhamsted road notorious for speed

Gravel Path in Berkhamsted has a 30mph speed limit
Gravel Path in Berkhamsted has a 30mph speed limit

A group highlighted safer driving this morning on a road where 85 per cent of drivers are breaking the speed limit.

Gravel Path is a narrow winding road in Berkhamsted with a 30mph limit.

But Hertfordshire County Council’s own speed monitoring shows that more than 380 vehicles per week travel at speeds over 50 mph that would attract a mandatory court summons.

Figures also show that 21 vehicles per week use Gravel Path at staggering speeds in excess of 60 mph.

Members of the Safer Gravel Path Action Group ran a ‘Slow Down Day’ from 8-10 am this morning (Thursday) at the top of the road near Potten End.

Jan Dent, secretary of the group, said: “Many motorists use Gravel Path to access or leave Berkhamsted, seemingly unaware that a safer alternative with better visibility and a higher speed limit is available on New Road.

“The event was designed to draw attention to the 30 mph speed limit and to encourage safer use of the road.”

Police were also checking speeds during the event.