Go Backstage at the Big Top with Court Youth Theatre’s new show

The show poster
The show poster

Court Youth Theatre return for their annual main scale production at Pendley Tring next weekend.

Following the success of last year’s ‘Burnt Toast’, CYT has taken on the challenge of producing its second original script, Backstage at the Big Top. CYT Productions is made up of a group of 13-17 year olds who take responsibility for all aspects of the production process from writing and performing to sound, lighting and costume.

This years’ production will include guest appearances from the group’s younger members, aged from 5 to 13, who attend Saturday Youth Theatre sessions. For more information or to book visit the theatre’s official website box office

Alternatively if you have problems booking online call 07543 560478.

The Court Theatre presents events most weeks of the year and provides a wide range and variety of entertainment. There’s something suitable for all ages - from full scale musicals to one person shows, plays to panto and music that covers all tastes from jazz to rock, and much more.