Go ahead for medical centre despite sunlight objections


A woman who said her home will be plunged into ‘complete darkness’ by a proposed medical centre was reduced to tears when it was granted planning permission.

The householder, living next door to the planned Highfield medical centre on land in Cambrian Way, gave her reasons for objection at Thursday’s Dacorum Borough Council development control committee meeting. She said: “It is going to completely over-shadow and block my sunlight. It is going to plunge me into complete darkness and I will never see the sun in my garden.”

Another neighbour also spoke in objection on behalf of those living in Mendip Way. He said: “It is too large a building, too close to the residential properties, on a site that is totally unsuitable.”

Three people spoke in support of the plan, including a GP at the doctors’ surgery in Jupiter Drive, which would relocate to the new building. She said the surgery has the highest number of patients per square metre in Herts.

Councillors approved the plan.