‘Get your eyes tested’ says tumour survivor

Tumour survivor Marion Remington and Daniel Harris from Specsavers Hemel Hempstead
Tumour survivor Marion Remington and Daniel Harris from Specsavers Hemel Hempstead

A woman whose tumour was spotted by opticians is urging others to ensure they get regular eye tests.

The rare ocular melanoma was picked up by eagle-eyed optometrist Daniel Harris during a routine examination at Hemel Hempstead’s Specsavers.

Marion Remington, 74, was sent for further tests at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital, which confirmed that she had a tiny tumour close to her retina.

Mrs Remington said: “People should make sure they get an eye test. Just go to the opticians.

“I have had quite a few friends go for tests. For a lot of them this has given them a wake up call to go to the opticians.”

The Redbourn golf enthusiast was admitted to London’s St Bartholomew’s Hospital on January 4, 2012, where surgeons inserted a radioactive plaque into her eye. It stayed in place for a week and meant Mrs Remington had to be kept in hospital isolation.

Successful treatment means the tumour has now shrunk and Mrs Remington is looking forward getting back on the golf course soon.

She said: “I feel very fortunate. I’m so grateful to Daniel and Doctor Victoria Cohen and all the staff.”

Mr Harris, from the Marlowes store, stressed how important it is to have regular eye tests. He said: “People don’t realise that it is not just about glasses and contact lenses. It’s about having the health of the eyes checked.”

Other health problems that can be spotted by eye examinations also include glaucoma, diabetes and blood pressure problems.

Mrs Remington has been supported through her ordeal by charity OcuMel UK, which is dedicated to helping people with this type of cancer.

The Specsavers store has made a £200 donation to the charity and business founder Dame Mary Perkins also made an undisclosed grant after Mrs Remington wrote to her.