Foul-mouthed hackers target council website

Swearing on Dacorum website (rude words removed)
Swearing on Dacorum website (rude words removed)

Hackers appear to have vandalised Dacorum Borough Council’s website this morning.

Visitors to the authority’s web site who searched for ‘Popular today’ items were greeted with a range of rude words.

Although we cannot reproduce the full text here, it included the phrase ‘council employees are’ followed by a list of insults.

One visitor said: “Although it’s quite funny in a childish sort of way, there are some serious implications if people can hack the council’s website.

“There is a lot of important information on there, which you would not want tampered with.”

Dacorum Borough Council has not yet been available for comment.

The rude words can be found online at but please be aware that some readers may find the language offensive.