Former RAF officer from talks explains what makes his new role so special

Special constable Nigel Lacey
Special constable Nigel Lacey

While most people look forward to spending their retirement relaxing, one former RAF warrant officer saw leaving the military as an opportunity to serve his local community.

Nigel Lacey, who lives in Tring, loved his job so much that when he retired he became a special constable so that he could transfer his skills to serve with the Berkhamsted Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Mr Lacey, who left the force in 2009, said: “It seemed a shame at age 55 to say ‘well done, off you go’. I thought, how could I when I’ve built up all these skills?

“I thought, I’m 55, I’m fit and in my eyes a young person at the top of my game. Going down the pub for lunch every day wasn’t my style.

“My idea of retirement is doing something I enjoy and I often feel that my pension is paying for me to be a special constable.”

Nigel spends his days attending road traffic collisions and domestic violence incidents, meeting victims of crime and taking statements.

He also works on Operation Manhunt – the force’s team of detectives dedicated to investigating distraction burglaries.

He is one of a growing number of people who are using their career training to assist the police.

He said: “Everyone has something they can offer. Active people can bring their skills to the fore while searching for a missing person for example. Nurses, IT professionals and carers are all examples of people who can be useful.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary is currently looking to recruit special constables from all areas across the county who can help to support a variety of policing work as Nigel is doing.

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