Football fan Nic out of intensive care after attack

Nic Cruwys
Nic Cruwys
  • Watford fan Nic Cruwys is out of intensive care after being attacked in the street
  • The 44-year-old from Hemel Hempstead is now able to walk with assistance
  • A fund set up in aid of Nic by Wolves fan Ollie Floyd, 16, has now raised more than £37,000

Hemel Hempstead milkman Nic Cruwys is making steady progress and has now been moved out of intensive care a month after being attacked in the street as he was making his way home from a Hornets match.

The 44-year-old Watford fan was set upon by a gang while walking back from Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Molineux ground with friends after watching the Hornets 2-2 draw on Saturday March 7.

He is making the kind of progress which four weeks ago we could only have dreamt about

An open letter from Nic Cruwys family to Watford FC supporters

In an open letter to Watford fans published on the club’s website Nic’s family say: “Nic has been moved out of an intensive care unit and into a high dependency ward where he has made some steady progress over the last week.

“He is able to walk with some assistance, though still has a long road ahead in terms of getting back to full fitness, it is fair to say he is making the kind of progress which four weeks ago we could only have dreamt about.

“Clearly Nic is in the early stages of a recovery which at this stage, no one knows exactly where that will lead to or how long that will take.

“At some point in the future it will of course be touching for him to know at first hand of the outpouring of genuine human emotion towards him, although that will naturally have to come later.

“In the next few weeks we hope to have him moved closer to home to a specialised neurological rehab centre.

“To everyone sending their love, best wishes and messages of support to Nic and the Family: our words of appreciation and gratitude simply could never thank you all enough.

“We have received wonderful messages from all over the world, so many football fans and many people who do not know Nic but wanted to send their love and positive thoughts.

“There has been an astounding reaction from so many who want to help, to visit Nic and ourselves and just be there for us.

“We are so humbled by this – again, thank you so much.

“In closing, we are not be able to thank each and every individual personally in this statement but we would like to express our sincere and endless gratitude to the whole family and friends for their constant support to date.

“To the incredibly talented, diligent, warm and wonderful team of specialists, doctors and nurses at the fabulous Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham – who, as an amazing group of compassionate professionals we will forever be in debt to for saving Nic’s life.

“The skills utilised and dedication shown by the entire team and received by Nic since he came to the QE on that Saturday evening has been remarkable.

“We are eternally grateful and know he was fortunate to have his life in your hands.

“To everyone at Watford FC; CEO Scott Duxbury, the directors, management staff, players and of course the incredible fans; you have supported the family so much with your response, genuine compassion and respect shown throughout.

“The Reading game will never be forgotten for such a show of togetherness, warmth and undiluted emotion.

“Everyone who follows and loves football has been reminded, if they needed to be, why Watford FC is such a special family club – why Nic has supported them through thick amd thin for well over 30 years and now, how well they have supported him and his family.

“Thank you all once again from the bottom of our hearts.”

A fund in aid of Nic was set up by Wolves fan Ollie Floyd, 16, who lives in Hemel Hempstead and attends Berkhamsted School.

So far the fund has raised £37,210 in one month, through 2,406 donations.

Writing on the fundraising page Ollie said: “I’d like to say a huge thank you to all who have been (and continue to be) involved in this campaign for Nic.

“The support it has received has gone beyond any expectations I could’ve had.

“All the money raised will go a long way to helping Nic and his family try and recover, over the coming weeks, months and possibly longer.”

To donate visit

A separate fundraising event for Nic was held yesterday (Sunday) at The Golden Lion pub in Watford, and featured a barbecue, live music and an auction of football shirts and other items.