Flytippers are making Hemel look rubbish! Calls for authorities to do more to catch litterbugs

Flytipping in Holtsmere End Lane, Hemel Hempstead.
Flytipping in Holtsmere End Lane, Hemel Hempstead.

Walkers say another flytipping hotspot needs to be targeted by the litter authorities.

Dacorum Borough Council is thinking of installing covert CCTV cameras in Cupid Green Lane to try and catch out flytippers.

The scenic road runs into Hemel Hempstead’s Grovehill ward from the countryside. Litter has been dumped along it 10 times in six different places in the last six months.

Now walkers have now come forward to say the problem is just as bad in nearby Holtsmere End Lane, which runs alongside Woodhall Farm.

Rosemary Scott thinks the main offenders are builders, who are not allowed to use Hemel Hempstead’s Eastman Way tip as it does not accept waste from businesses.

She said: “I think these people are just – well, I will not say what I think of them.

“They are just lazy people out to make money and if they are doing that sort of thing, what sort of a job are they doing on people’s homes?”

She said maybe businesses should be allowed to use the tip – or the council should do more to catch flytippers.

But the council says that since October there have been just four recorded flytips in Holtsmere End Lane.

Spokesman Madeleine Taggart-Smith said: “It is not currently considered to be a hotspot and we aren’t considering installing covert CCTV there at this time.”