Flooding is a New Year nightmare for luxury Leverstock Green development

Flooding in Kings Copse, Leverstock Green, January 2014. Photo submitted by Nick Taylor.
Flooding in Kings Copse, Leverstock Green, January 2014. Photo submitted by Nick Taylor.

A day-long drainage operation swung into action at a new luxury housing development after heavy rainfall caused flooding to a dozen homes.

Leverstock Green’s Kings Copse estate, created by developers Crest Nicholson, was transformed into a murky lake when up to two feet of water collected in the Green Lane area, and those affected now contend with raw sewage in front of their homes.

Many have lived in the new estate for just a matter of weeks.

Fire crews were called in to the site at around 11am on Saturday. High volume pumps including specialist equipment from Welwyn Garden City were used to dispel the water away from homes throughout the day.

One neighbour who did not wish to be named said: “This area and the lanes flood so frequently. How terrible that fire department time and effort had to be spent dealing with such a forseeable incident.

“Residents told planners time and time again before the houses were built that some serious drainage measures would need to be put in place.”

Utility company Thames Water has also been working at the scene to pump water away from homes. Spokesman Stuart White said: “We’re really sorry for the disruption after the recent heavy rain, which has led to wide-scale flooding across our region and put our network under a lot of strain.

“We need a break in the weather to allow us to get in and look at how blocked the pipes are. We’re also considering the new development’s impact on water levels in the pond and are looking at longer term solutions to help prevent this happening again.”

Crest Nicholson explained that on-site teams worked closely with the emergency services to facilitate the clean-up, and promised that it will now help residents to get in touch with the relevant offices to pursue claims for any losses.

Those living nearby took photos and video of the devastation which were posted to social networking sites.

The severe rain also led to Hemel Hempstead’s Gadebridge Park being submerged once again.

The weekend weather prompted 90 flood alerts and 13 warnings in the south east of England alone.

Click here to watch Nick Taylor’s Youtube video of the weekend’s Kings Copse flood, and here for his video of a similar incident in the area in 2007.