Flats scheme will be a ‘lethal’ risk to pedestrians

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A HOMES plan has been dubbed a ‘lethal’ risk to pedestrians by its town centre neighbours.

Home and business owners spoke out during a meeting of Berkhamsted Town Council’s planning committee about the High Street scheme.

Holywell Property wants to build seven flats with garages - but Richard Gunn, managing director of the firm next door, B P Sanders, said: “Some people will get killed. People are going to get knocked down.

“There is an unofficial right of way a through our car park. If this goes ahead, it is going to be lethal.”

He said too many cars would be going back and forth in the car park.

Jeremy Biddle, who has just bought the house next-door, said there would not be enough car parking spaces.

Councillor Garrick Stevens said: “Over the years, we have been battling over the lack of infrastructure in this town.

“This development is just going to add an extra problem to the car parking issues we have in town.

“Unless we take a stand, it is not going to ameliorate the problems we are having. We need to make it clear that this is completely unacceptable.”

The committee decided to object to the scheme because it would cause a danger to cyclists, pedestrians and other road-users.

At the meeting last Monday it also said plans would disrupt neighbours’ privacy and overdevelop the area.