Five fire crews rush to scene to tackle blaze

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FIRE: A bungalow was “pretty much gutted” after a blaze that spread from its roof during construction work.

Five fire engines rushed to the scene and a builder is believed to have suffered mild smoke inhalation - though no ambulance was needed.

Firefighters are still at the scene in Lyme Avenue, Northchurch, after being called out at about 11.20am today (Monday).

Passer-by Stuart Aubrey, 45, from Cow Roast, said its downstairs living room looked OK, but described the rest of the house as “pretty much gutted.”

He said: “It was a big fire. There is no way they can live in that house.

“It is pretty much total destruction. They are going to have to rebuild the house, I would say.”

Stuart said it looked like a side extension with a flat roof was being built at the bungalow, when the fire started.

There was also water damage.