Five a day is the crimefighting way

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POLICE community support offices are being told to visit five homes per day to introduce themselves to people in their patches.

The campaign by Berkhamsted’s PCSOs aims to educate householders about how to contact the town’s safer neighbourhood team and how to become involved in the email-based Online Watch Link.

The OWL system is used by police officers to keep people informed about crime in their area via an online mailing list.

Householders can also use it to contact police with things they are worried about.

Berkhamsted Sgt Peter Huffer said: “The PCSOs in Berkhamsted are beginning a five-a-day campaign, knocking on five doors a day to introduce themselves on their beats.

“We encourage residents to receive written updates from their local police and take part in neighbourhood watch and contribute to maintaining the safe and low crime environment of Berkhamsted.

“Anyone interested should phone 101 and ask for the town’s safer neighbourhood team.”

PCSOs taking part include Dafydd Dewey, who covers the castle ward of Berkhamsted, James McLean, who covers the Ashlyns School area of town, and Katie Braham, who covers Northchurch.

Berkhamsted’s rural PCSO Kim Ashworth will be doing her ‘five a day’ in Potten End, Little Gaddesden and the Ashridge area.