First Berkhamsted Castle, now badgers strike at Ashridge House

Badgers strike at Ashridge House.
Badgers strike at Ashridge House.

This is the shocking damage that was left behind when badgers struck in the gardens of Ashridge House.

The Gazette reported earlier this week that the furry creatures have been tearing up the turf at Berkhamsted Castle for months on end.

Now they have been targeting the turf at Ashridge House too, their aim – to get at the chafer grubs underneath it, which they feed on.

Badgers are a protected species under British law, so it is illegal to harm them.

But the latest assault is not good news for Ashridge Business School, which pays for the upkeep of Ashridge House and its Grade II-listed gardens.

Spokesman Chris Johnson said: “I do not think we can do a great deal about it. Badgers are very nice creatures, but they do cause a mess. Like other things, we just have to live with it.”

Late last year, the Gazette reported that the school will have to shell out about £10,000 to repair damaged caused to the walls of Ashridge House, partly, by bees.

Microscopic holes were made in the walls of the Grade I-listed building in early 2012 that were widened by masonry bees boring in and using them as nests.

Ferocious winds blowing rain into the holes later in the year caused parts of the Totternhoe stone walls to crumble.