Firm’s boxing clever by backing champ George

Graham Granville, George Groves and Adam Garland
Graham Granville, George Groves and Adam Garland

THE victory of a championship boxer at a high-profile bout in London has left a Berkhamsted businessman celebrating.

Adam Garland, who runs a consultancy business in High Street, has supported and helped to develop the image of professional boxer George Grove.

George Groves

George Groves

In his latest victory George beat rival James DeGale at the O2 in London, combining the titles of Commonwealth and British Super-middleweight Champion.

And the win was cause for celebration for Adam, who has helped to develop George’s brand over the past two years.

He said: “I’d never been to a sporting event with such intensity.

“It was a fantastic experience.”

Adam, 45, first became involved with George two years ago at the suggestion of silent business partner Graham Granville. George went to school with Graham’s children.

Adam added: “George had just turned professional when we decided to take him on in early 2009.

“We did a comparison between boxing greats who have managed to build a brand around their name.

“We realised we needed to create a brand for George, and from this we were able to give him support outside the ring.

“It became a collaborative effort to design the logo that George now uses.

“We had to think: ‘What are the things we want to be able to represent as George Grove?’

“From that we’ve helped to set up George as a business.”

Adam is the managing director of consultancy company OneBPM which he started up three years ago.

He was helped with the development of George’s brand by his sister-in-law Jane Eakhurst.

The speed of George’s development in the ring and his brand outside of it has surprised Adam.

He said: “Two years isn’t a great deal of time, he’s only had 11 professional fights and he’s already achieved a lot.

“To see people on Sky TV wearing the tshirts that you had a hand in designing, and to be able to say: ‘I did that’, is fantastic.”

The 02 fight went the full 12 rounds. After a close judges’ decision, Groves was awarded the victory.

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