Figures show drink driving is down after Christmas police operation

Drink driving police breath test
Drink driving police breath test

Police reveal a Christmas drink drive campaign across the county saw a ‘significant reduction’ in the number of motorists caught driving under the influence.

During December 80 drivers were arrested in Hertfordshire, an 8% reduction on the previous year’s campaign (2013), police revealed today.

Throughout December, the Herts Road Policing Unit were out in force conducting drink and drug driving stop checks.

Inspector Phil Bloor said: “It is extremely encouraging to see such a significant drop in the number of drivers caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“It is clear our message is getting out to the majority of road users. However there are still a number of motorists who continue to think it is acceptable to get behind the wheel when they are over the limit.

“And while the campaign may be over our work to trace those people does not stop, as we strive to make the roads a safer place.”

David Lloyd, police and crime commissioner for Herts, said: “Thankfully the figures show that most drivers in the county understand how dangerous drink driving is.

“They know that if they are driving to a party where they might be tempted to drink, then they need to plan ahead to make sure they have a safe and legal means of getting home.

“But sadly there is also a minority who don’t seem to know this or think they can just get away with it and the police rightly take a robust line against them.”

Motorists found to be driving while under the influence of drink or drugs face a minimum of a 12-month disqualification from driving, as well as a fine and/or imprisonment.

The offence of causing death by careless driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs now carries a maximum penalty of 14 years’ imprisonment and a disqualification of at least two years.