Family’s anguish after killer launches appeal

Murdered Neil Orton.
Murdered Neil Orton.

The mother of a murdered son has spoken out after his killer launched a bid for freedom six years after Neil Orton’s life was cut short.

Retired nurse Mona Brown said news of the appeal has brought back the heartbreak the family suffered when the father-of-one died after being brutally stabbed seven times.

She said: “You try to put these things out of your mind but then this happens.

“We are not happy about the fact that he is appealing and the fact that he might, just might, walk out of the door.

“My son is never going to walk in or out of the door.”

Kevin Spires, of Cuffley Court, Hemel Hempstead, was jailed for life in April 2008 after he was found guilty by a jury at St Albans Crown Court of stabbing 44-year-old Neil.

Following the multiple stabbing, Neil drove himself to Hemel Hempstead Hospital in the early hours of June 14, 2007, and underwent surgery but died after suffering a heart attack.

Spires, who has continued to profess his innocence, has now mounted a legal case in a bid to have his murder conviction quashed.

His legal team argue that a ‘series of problems’ in police and Crown Prosecution Service disclosure procedures mean the conviction is ‘arguably unsafe’.

Mrs Brown said: “He was the only person who could have done what he did. According to him he wasn’t there but his DNA was all over the place.

“This has come completely out of the blue, six years have gone by since Neil died and this has suddenly popped up.

“Whatever case he thinks he has I have no idea but he has had six years to think about it.”

At the time of his death Mrs Brown told the Gazette that Neil had been trying to get his life back on track after recently being released from prison following a drugs conviction and had been spending time with his eight-year -old daughter.