Extension on the cards for Kent Brushes’ iconic headquarters

Planning applications
Planning applications

And other planning applications to Dacorum Borough Council

4/03240/14/DRC, Details required by condition 3 (landscaping), 4 (visibility splays) 5 (car parking) and 6 (sustainability) attached to planning permission 4/01114/13/FUL – construction of 3 bedroom detached dwelling, 78 Bronte Crescent, Hemel Hempstead

4/03247/14/DRC, Details required by condition 4 (landscaping) of planning permission 4/01151/14/FUL (parking of a horse box ancillary to the equestrian stables on block coloured green and seasonal use of the land hatched green for jumping exercises and training of horses/ponies) land adj. Stocks Road, Aldbury, Tring

4/023341/14/DRC, Details of conditions 4 (refuse), 5 (materials) and 6 (railings) attached to planningpermission 4/02185/FUL (partial demolition of and alterations to existing building, and change of use of the first and second floors to provide nine residential units, including provision of six car parking spaces), 147 Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead

4/03444/14/FUL, Demolition of two existing dwellings and construction of two 2-bed dwellings and one 1-bed dwelling with access and parking, 240 Boxted Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/03478/14/FUL, erection of cattle shed, The Yard, Shantock Hall Lane, Bovingdon

4/03479/14/FUL, Fell oak tree, 44 Covert Road, Northchurch

4/03484/14/FUL,Erection of storage shed for straw, The Yard, Shantock Hall Lane, Bovingdon

4/03488/14/FHA, Single storey side extension to form utility room and study, 19A Meadway, Berkhamsted

4/03493/14/FUL, Change of use of outbuildings from holiday lets to residential accommodation, Highcroft Farm, Hempstead Road, Bovingdon

4/03500/14/LDP, Single storey rear extension and loft conversion, 34 Beechfield Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/03510/14/FHA, Front and side extensions, 19 Meadway, Berkhamsted

4/03547/14/RET, Retention of single storey front extension, 22 Coombe Gardens, Berkhamsted

4/03548/14/FHA, Single storey rear extension, 19 Bunyan Close, Tring

4/03556/14/FUL, Change of use from agricultural to mixed-use agricultural and outdoor dog daycare for a period of two years, land opposite Bourne End Lane and opposite driving range, Hemel Hempstead

4/03558/14/OUT, Replacement dwelling, 5A Chipperfield Road, Kings Langley

4/03559/14/FUL, Demolition of existing dwelling and garage, construction of new dwelling, Frith Hay, Hempstead Road, Bovingdon

4/03562/14/FUL, Construction of extension to rear of existing premises, GB Kent & Sons, London Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/03567/14/FHA, Demolition of existing single storey extension and construction of new single storey extension, Lodge House, Chipperfield Road, Bovingdon

4/03569/14/FHA, Single storey rear extension, 2 Croft End Road, Chipperfield

4/03571/14/FUL, Single storey rear extension and alterations to car park, 37 Alexandra Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/03572/14/FUL, Demolition of stables and barn, conversion of stables and storage buildings to 4 no. live/work units and 1 no dwelling, alterations and extension to 2 no. dwellings and office with prior approval for conversion to a dwelling, to form 2 no. dwelling and construction of garages, Pendley Farm, Station Road, Tring

4/03576/14/DRC, Details required by conditions 2 (materials) and 3 (landscaping) attached to planning permission 4/01610/13/FHA (single storey side extensions and driveway alterations) Saffron Lawn, Gravel Path, Berkhamsted

4/03584/14/OUT, Outline application for the construction of 50 one bedroom flats with car parking and vehicular access, land at Apsley Mills adj. The Cottage, London Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/03590/14/Lbc, Replacement external door to kitchen and internal door between lobby and kitchen, The Old Forge, Gaddesden Row, Hemel Hempstead

4/03591/14/FUL, Change of use from office (B1) to residental (C3) to provide a four-bedroom dwelling, 12A Castle Street, Berkhamsted

4/03598/14/FHA, Two storey and single storey side extensions and associated demolition of existing garage, 2 Stonelea Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/03599/14/FHA, Demolition of existing garage and construction of one and two storey side and rear extensions, 6 Tower Close, Berkhamsted

4/03600/14/STU, Installation of electricity substation, land at Norcott Cottage, Norcott Hill, Northchurch

4/0601/14/FUL, Development of 2 new detached dwellings on land adjoining Old Fishery House with access road and single garage attached to each dwelling, Old Fishery House, Old Fishery Lane, Hemel Hempstead

4/03604/14/DRC, Details required by condition 4 (materials) attached to planning permission 4/01307/14/FUL – conversion of existing office/workshop into dwelling and partial demolition of single storey extension, 6B Highfield Road, Berkhamsted

4/03605/14/FHA, Roof extension to provide first floor accommodation and single storey rear extension, 40 Valley Road, Berkhamsted

4/03606/14/FHA, Indoor swimming pool, Woodcote House, 7 The Grove, Whippendell, Chipperfield

4/03607/14/FUL, Change of use from (B2/B8) general industrial storage and distribution to sui generis Unit 1b, Centro, Maxted Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/03608/14/FUL, Demolition of existing structure and construction of a single storey nursing facility including an internal access road and associated landscaping, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, St Margarets, Great Gaddesden

4/03610/14/TPO, Works to sycamore tree, the Rose and Crown Hotel, High Street, Tring

4/03611/14/FHA, Replacment door, two storey bay and windows to fron of property with associated demolition, 43 Kitsbury Road, Berkhamsted

4/03613/14/FUL, Demolition of existing house and replacement with 2 detached dwellings with associated access arrangements (revised scheme, 27 Hall Park Gate, Berkhamsted

4/03614/14/HPA, Single storey rear extension measuring 5m deep with a maximum height of 2.8m and a maximum eaves height of 2.7m, 8 The Meads, Tring

4/03615/14/NMA, Non material amendment to planning permission 4/02168/06/FUL (34 flats with underground parking (amended scheme), Maund & Irvine Ltd, Brookside Works, Brook Street, Tring

4/03616/14/HPA, Single storey rear extension measuring part 6m part 4.5m deep (where it adjoins 77 Sawyers Way) with a maximum height of 2m and a maximum eaves height of 2.8m, 75 Sawyers Way, Hemel Hempstead

4/03618/14/FHA, First floor front, side and rear extensions, two storey rear extension, first floor access/balcony to rear, conversion of garage space to habitable room, single storey front extension and porch and removal of chimney to main roof, alterations to openings (windows and doors) addition of skylight to main roof and a change of roof tiles at 122 Pickford Road, Markyate

4/03619/14/FHA, Single storey rear extension, 38 Glendale, Hemel Hempstead

4/03627/14/FHA, Single storey side and rear extension and loft conversion, 6 Cow Roast, Tring

4/03628/14/TCA, Fell tree, Langley House, 52 High Street, Kings Langley

4/03629/14/RET, Construction of outbuilding, 15 Rowcroft, Hemel Hempstead

4/03630/14/HPA, Single storey rear extention measuring 3.5m deep with a maximum height of 3.65m and a maximum eaves height of 2.75m, 54 New Park Drive, Hemel Hempstead

4/03631/14/HPA, Single storey rear extension measuring 5.5m deep with a maximum height of 3.5m, and a maximum eaves height of 2.2m, 6 Castle Hill, Berkhamsted

4/03632/14/FHA, Two storey rear extension with ground floor kitchen and first floor bathroom and gymnasium Delaware, Church End, Flamstead

4/03633/14/DRC, Details required by Condition 2 (Materials) and 3 (Landscaping) attached to planning permission 4/02742/14/FUL (Construction of a steel framed 3m level fill grain store building), Grove Farm, Bulbourne Road, Tring

4/03636/14/TCA, Fell Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana and Thuja Plicata, St Mary’s Church, High Street, Hemel Hempstead

4/03638/14/FHA, Single storey rear extension, Folly Cottage, Astrope, Tring

4/03643/14/FHA, First floor rear extension, 206 Belswains Lane, Hemel Hempstead

4/03644/14/TCA, T1 to T8 re-pollard 2 Lime trees, 2 horse chestnut and 4 field maples, T9 reduce beech by 15% T10 fell deodar cedar, T11 to T19 remove 8 maple trees, T20 to T24 remove 4 Norway spruce, T25 to T28 remove 1 cherry and 3 field maple trees and T29 to T39 reduce cherry trees by 10%, the Old Cowhouse, 7 Tring Road, Wilstone, Tring

4/03645/14/TCA, Works to trees, 3 Maltin Lane, Aldbury, Tring

4/03650/14/FHA, Single storey side extension with associated demolition, Georgia, Trooper Road, Aldbury, Tring

4/03651/14/FHA, Partial demolition of garage and conversion of remaining space with a replacement pitch roof, new raised drive to front, 28 Ashlyns Road, Berkhamsted

4/03652/14/TCA, Works to trees, Ostlers, Nettleden Road North, Little Gaddesden, Berkhamsted