Highways contractor clears ‘urgent’ scene three hours after tarmac was dumped on Hemel Hempstead country lane

Cupid Green Lane fly-tipping, Hemel Hempstead. May 2013.
Cupid Green Lane fly-tipping, Hemel Hempstead. May 2013.

Motorists were forced to navigate around a dangerous load of tarmac dumped on a Hemel Hempstead country road targeted once again by fly-tippers on Monday.

Rubbish and junk items have previously been strewn along Cupid Green Lane, which was described by one neighbour in May as “an attractive site for fly-tippers” due to its lack of CCTV.

Police were called to the lane at just before 4pm on Monday to what was originally thought to have been a load of concrete, but transpired to be cold tarmac left in a precarious position.

Rosemary Scott, who lives nearby, took it upon herself to warn drivers about the obstruction before it was cleared by a team from Herts County Council’s highways contractor, Ringway.

Rosemary said: “It is a very dark and narrow piece of lane. Cars were coming down it so fast that some of them could not stop, so you could hear it scrape the underneath of the car.

“We decided to try to stop an accident from happening and were warning people to go slow, as we did not want anyone to get hurt.”

Herts Police spokesman Sarah Spence said an officer was sent to the scene within 10 minutes but the matter was passed onto Ringway.

Ringway’s Jo Barnett said: “We received a call from police about fly-tipping in the carriageway of Cupid Green Lane. Normally we would respond to a fly-tipping incident within 24 hours but police believed it was hazardous and it was then classed as an urgent job.

“At 6.43pm we brought in a grab lorry to support us and the site was cleared by 7.54pm.”

Rosemary said: “Nearly some three hours later someone was sent from highways to clear it, but in the meantime there could have been a really bad accident.

“Someone should have closed the road off until it had been cleared.”