Easter treat for Whipsnade cheetah cubs

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Whipsnade Zoo’s six cheeky cheetah cubs enjoyed a cracking good time as they were given an early Easter treat.

Painted ‘Easter eggs’ filled with meaty treats were scattered in the Zoo’s Cheetah Rock enclosure to form part of the sextuplet’s enrichment activities, stimulating their natural curiosity and making them work for the tasty food inside.

Head of Africa section Mark Holden said: “As it’s their first Easter we wanted to do something special for cheetah cubs.

“All six of them are really inquisitive by nature and love investigating new things; their specially made eggs sparked their curiosity and playful natures as they worked out how to reach their food.”

The 10-month-old cubs are the second litter of Northern cheetah to be born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and are providing a valuable rearing experience for mum, Dubai, of this endangered species.

They were born two years after Dubai gave birth to her first cubs, which were the very first litter of Northern cheetah cubs ever born in the UK.