Baby rhino is thick-skinned

A TINY Asian rhino has been named ‘miracle’ in Nepalese after keepers were forced to hand-rear it to save her life

Karamat, born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo was traumatised after a difficult birth to mum Beluki and was unable to suckle properly.

Staff who were camped out in sleeping bags near the calf stepped in to feed the calf by bottle.

Veronica Watkins, deputy team leader, explained: “Although Beluki is a great mum and she did everything she could during the labour, the breech birth really affected the health of the calf.

“Apart from being very weak and in shock, the calf was also hypothermic. It really was touch and go for a while.”

Despite the difficulties Karamat, the fourth calf of this endangered species to be born at the zoo in recent years, is now doing well. Visitors can see the calf, born on November 16, at the Rhinos of Nepal exhibit.