‘Enjoy your meal – it was produced by forcing a pipe down a duck’s throat’: Animal rights protesters greet diners at ‘foie gras’ pub

Protest outside of The Bricklayers Arms, Flaunden
Protest outside of The Bricklayers Arms, Flaunden

Animal rights campaigners with placards greeted diners on their way to a pub that refuses to give in to their demands to stop serving controversial delicacy foie gras.

They handed out leaflets describing the cruelty inflicted upon ducks and geese during the production of the dish.

Hertfordshire Animal Rights protestors have pursued a lengthy campaign against the Bricklayers Arms in Flaunden by phoning the country pub and posting on its social media pages.

Their placards branded the dish a ‘delicacy of despair’ and asked diners to be compassionate help stop the cruelty involved in producing the dish.

They stood outside of the restaurant pub with the signs just as diners started to arrive on Saturday evening.

Speaking before the protest, Hertfordshire Animal Rights spokesperson Tod Bradbury said: “Our concerns have been ignored by the staff and owners of The Bricklayers Arms.

“We see no other option than to go to their restaurant and inform them – and their customers – of the cruelty of they are complicit in.”

Foie gras production has been illegal in UK since a 1998 European Commission scientific study held that the production causes unnecessary suffering to the ducks and geese involved.

Ducks and geese have pipes shoved down their throats, they are then pumped full of food five times a day until their livers become diseased and infected.

This causes their livers to swell to up to ten times their normal size.

But director of the pub Alvin Michaels says the cruelty involved is ‘debatable’ as the physiology of waterfowl may protect them from any ill-effects from overfeeding.

You can read his side of the story in full here