Emma’s ‘nappy library’ will save you money

MCHG 12-902      Emma Stevens is starting a nappy library in Bovingdon.
MCHG 12-902 Emma Stevens is starting a nappy library in Bovingdon.

Two mums hope to promote reusable nappies in Hemel Hempstead by setting up a ‘nappy library’.

Under the scheme parents will be able to try out cloth nappies to see how they work before committing to buying them.

Emma Stevens, of Pembridge Road, Bovingdon, says reusable nappies are generally only available online.

“Because you can’t go into a shop and see them before you use them, that puts a lot of people off,” she said. “It’s such a lot of money for something you can’t see.

“The idea is we can show them to you and you can try them before you put any money into it. Cloth nappies are kinder on sensitive skin and easy to use.”

Emma, pictured, has set up the Hemel Hempstead Cloth Nappy Library with Ellie Tadiello and they plan to rent out kits – containing 15 nappies – for £15 a week, but she says it is not a business.

“It’s a voluntary thing, it’s free advice,” said Emma.

“The money we charge will cover wear and tear and the cost of washing and disinfecting the nappies.”

Emma says the average baby uses around 5,000 nappies until they are potty trained and it takes up to 500 years for disposable nappies to decompose in the ground.

The cost of those nappies can add up to £1,000, whereas cloth nappies would cost around £150 – each one has a price tag of between £5 and £20.

“The main thing that swayed it for me was the money-saving aspect,” said Emma, who has a two-year-old son Dylan and is expecting another baby in December.

If you would like to make use of the library contact Emma on 07736 835167 or email hemelnappylibrary@yahoo.co.uk