Electrical fire leaves hole in pub’s ceiling

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FOUR fire engines, a police car and an ambulance rushed to the scene of a blaze at a town centre pub.

Eyewitnesses saw smoke “gushing” from the roof and top windows of The George in High Street, Berkhamsted, at about 7am on Monday.

Edward Demos, who works a few doors down at The Pennyfarthing Hotel, saw a shirtless man run out of one of its side doors.

Mr Demos said: “He was coughing an awful lot and someone went and got him a jacket and a pint glass of water.”

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus broke down the pub’s front door to tackle the smoke inside, the hotel manager said.

Crew commander Michael Probet said: “It was an electrical fire. The building was badly smoke damaged and it burnt a hole in the ceiling on the first floor. We are treating the fire as accidental.”

Gary Sanderson, spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAS) said: “A man was checked over by paramedics, but did not need to go to hospital.”