Students pitch business ideas and learn about Third World

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DRAGON’S Den is one of many tools that have been used by a town school to educate children about business.

Year Six youngsters from Bridgewater Middle School in Bridle Way, Berkhamsted, invented their own product and pitched it to a panel of business experts – like on the BBC business show.

Teams’ ideas included offering people car washes, making T-shirts and even setting up a newspaper – The Flying Gossip (see drawing), designed especially for witches.

The youngsters had to organise a marketing campaign and earned pretend money if their business was successful.

Children from Year Five have learned about Sierra Leone and their link school, The Benevolent School in the country’s city of Makeni.

Teacher Usifu Jalloh, who is from Sierra Leone, taught them about the nation’s dancing, singing and story telling. The youngsters made African animal masks too.

Youngsters were also instructed to make a certain number of paper bags within an hour – to experience what Third World child labour can be like.

Bridgewater Middle School headteacher Rachel Swaffield said: “They learned about the difference between needs and wants, and what are human rights and what are just things that we like.”