Pupils learn about food on television show

Incredible Edibles presenter Stefan Gates.
Incredible Edibles presenter Stefan Gates.

Students appeared on a food-themed television show.

Pupils at Grove Road School featured in the BBC programme Incredible Edibles on Thursday, February 16.

Deputy headteacher Fiona Masters said they were on the show after filming in June.

Children in Years 5 and 6 were involved, while starring roles were given to Kiara Belscham, Harry Desbians, Freya Steel, Sam Webber and now Tring School pupils Haider-Ali Maqsood and Leah Palmer.

Mrs Masters said: “They were really pleased with how articulate the children were.

“It is a really high-quality series about food.”

Pupils took part in mincing and trying foods like tripe, before discovering whether foods taste better or worse with chocolate on, including mushrooms, prawns, brocolli and roast beef.

The programme can be seen on the BBC’s iPlayer.