Parents urged to get online and make their views known as primary schools deadline nears

School places
School places

Parents with children due to start school next September have been urged to make a New Year resolution – don’t leave your application until the last minute.

The annual process for applying to primary school places across the county began last month.

But parents and carers have to make their applications before the closing date in the middle of January.

They can complete the form online at, where they can also find an interactive version of the ‘Under 11s’ booklet giving full information about the process and advice on where to find extra help.

Last year 99 per cent of parents applied online and found the system quick, easy and secure. If you apply online you can amend your application at any time up to the closing date on Wednesday, January 15.

Councillor Chris Hayward, County Hall’s cabinet member for education and skills, said: “We are not always able to completely satisfy parental preference.

“I would urge parents to carefully consider the preferences they make, to make realistic preferences and to visit schools before applying.”