‘Drunk idiots stole my flag and broke my plant pot,’ says Berkhamsted landlord

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THE drunks who stole a pub’s Union Jack flag and damaged its plant pot have been called “idiots” by the landlord who works there.

They struck during a beer festival at The Rising Sun, which is beside the Grand Union Canal in Berkhamsted.

Landlord Nigel Granger said: “The festival that weekend went really well, but every now and then there is an idiot out there.

“The silly boy was caught on a night-vision camera, which the police have now got.”

Nigel described the main perpetrator as black and in his early 20s. It will cost the landlord about £70 to replace the pot and around £80 to replace the plants inside, he said.

“It’s more expense, because of mindless idiocy,” he said.

“A group of lads grabbed the great big Union flag we had out and as they pulled that down, it pulled the plant pot down.

“It was very badly damaged – but we got the flag back, as the police got here very quickly.”

The group struck at 12.30am on Sunday, April 1, and Nigel is just getting round to replacing the plant pot.