Don’t make it easy for thieves during summer hot spell

As the heatwave continues police are reminding sweltering householders that leaving windows or doors open can make it easier for thieves to strike.

While the number of burglaries in the area has remained low this year, the lure of insecure doors, windows and sheds can make it easy for opportunistic crooks.

Insp Paul Lawrence said: “ “As temperatures rise, people tend to leave windows open more often, making their homes a more attractive target for burglars. We know that burglars prefer to use little force to break into a property so simply locking up could deter them and help keep your possessions safe.

“Residents can help us by keeping their homes and outbuildings secure and also looking out on behalf of neighbours.”

When leaving windows open at night to keep cool during hot spells, use windows that are not easily accessible from the outside or that can be locked in the open position.

To find out more about securing your home against thieves watch our crime fighting video tips.