Disabled Katy wins accolade

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A DISABLED businesswoman has won a gold award.

It was given to Berkhamsted-based graphic designer Katy Etherington by the Association of Colleges in recognition of the help group PA Pool, which she set up in 2006.

The website – found at www.papool.co.uk – helps disabled people find and vet personal assistants.

Katy, who has muscular atrophy and uses a wheelchair, said: “I believe we are all put on this planet for a reason.

“When I was first diagnosed I was told I’ll be lucky to make it to my early 20s.

“But medical opinions change and here I am at 39. You simply have to make the most of life and get on with it.

“I’ve just got on with my life. It doesn’t feel like I have done anything special.”