Did foreign fish cause killer weed outbreak?

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THE outbreak of a killer weed in a village pond may have been caused by people putting their own fish into it, claims a councillor.

Crassula originates from abroad – but has been in the Potten End beauty spot for at least 10 years, which was when it was last treated.

Without treatment, the weed can kill all aquatic life around it, and can never be removed completely once already in a pond.

Potten End Parish Council chairman Simon Barnard said: “If it starts growing and is left untreated it would take over the whole pond.

“But we would never let that happen.”

The group has organised a clean-up day at the pond, where people are invited to take part in weeding and mapping the size and location of the crassula.

Its growth will be carefully monitored after the all-day event on Sunday, February 19.

Councillor Stephanie Bramham said one theory is that the weed may have contaminated the pond after exotic fish were bought from pet shops and put into it.

She said: “It’s the last thing you would expect, but it can happen.”