Dear Dylan, your book is out - again

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A WRITER who published her novel herself after a publisher tried to make her tone down its content is celebrating a new chapter of success.

The book first came out in 2010 – but Siobhan Curham, 41, found it very hard to get bookshops to stock Dear Dylan without a publisher’s name behind her.

Siobhan, of Seymour Road, Northchurch, said: “One publisher wanted me to water down some of the issues it covered.

“I did not want to do that as I thought teenagers would find it patronising – so I self-published.”

The book is about Georgie Harris, 14, who is bullied by her abusive step-dad while her mum struggles to cope.

Her stepdad bans her from going to the drama workshop she likes and forces her to look after her tooth fairy obsessed kid sister.

Georgie begins exchanging emails with Dyland Curtland, star of a popular soap opera – but the correspondence soon leads to complications.

Dear Dylan won the YoungMinds book award soon after it appeared, and then the publishers started taking notice.

Siobhan said: “I was in a really lucky position to be able to chose a publisher rather than have to beg for one. It’s every author’s dream.”

Siobhan has published four previous books but this is her first for teenagers.

She will sign copies of Dear Dylan at Waterstones in Berkhamsted High Street, on Saturday, April 21.

Siobhan wants to set up a weekly writing workshop in Berkhamsted. If you are interested, email her at

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