Cuts axe looms over town leadership body

The new British 20 pound note, as of March 2007
The new British 20 pound note, as of March 2007
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TOWN services are at risk as the recession bites into the public sector.

During the annual general meeting of Berkhamsted Town Council on Thursday, Councillor Lindy Foster-Weinreb said she is looking for £50,000 to rejuvenate the Grand Union Canal towpath.

Cllr Foster-Weinreb, speaking as chairman of the Canal and Riverside Partnership (CARP), said she helped raise funds for the project in 1995 when she first became a councillor.

But she has previously told The Gazette it is now muddy, impassible at points and not wheelchair-friendly.

At the meeting, Tony Statham, chairman of the Berkhamsted Community Partnership (BCP), said: “There is no specific funding for CARP in the town budget.

“How does the council intend to fund CARP in the future?”

David Collins, chairman of its finance and policy committee, said some money from its non-specific budget would be available for CARP.

Ella Joyner, Berkhamsted Youth Town Council chairman, said the group’s plan to extend the town’s skate park in Canal Fields had been placed on hold.

She said: “It will need reworking when there is more money around.”

Councillor Foster-Weinreb will leave the Conservatives, who lead Berkhamsted Town Council, and stand as an independent in its May 5 elections.