Wheel bravery of bike ‘bobby’

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QUICK-THINKING action by a community support officer in Berkhamsted helped to foil the getaway of two burglars.

The bravery of PCSO Stephen Patton came to light as the two London criminals were found guilty at St Albans Crown Court of offences following a Kitsbury Road break-in on June 24 last year.

Officers were called to the scene following a 999 call from a distressed neighbour who saw a man carry a TV from a neighbour’s home.

The 26-year-old PCSO was nearest the scene and rushed there on his bicycle. He decided to take swift action to stop the duo speeding away in their getaway vehicle by using his bicycle to block their way.

He told The Gazette this week: “I knew they would reach the A41 in a few minutes by driving down Charles Street, Kings Road and Kingshill Way and get away.”

Read more in the Gazette this week, out today on Wednesday, March 2.