‘We’ll take that before thieves’

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WASTE: A recycling company based in Berkhamsted wants to tackle the temptation of waste metal for thieves by offering to take it away and recycle it.

Elliott Metal Waste Management and Recycling, based in Northchurch, covers the whole of the Herts, Beds and Bucks area and is promoting its free collection service to help tackle the number of metal thefts in the area.

Company owner Charles Elliott said: “With all the recent stealing of metal in the news going on in the area, we feel that our business can help the community by offering a free collection service to reduce the risk of any metal being left on show to be stolen or any untrustworthy collectors turning up.

“With a few trucks and vans out daily on appointment only collections, it is a free and trustworthy service that is easy to arrange.

“We are trying to work with the local councils to help take any pressure off their collection services and to help create a friendly, crime free, clean environment for all the community.”

The company is offering to take away items of all sizes and recycle them as much as possible, keeping waste to a minimum. Visit www.elliottwastemanagement.com to find out more